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Our Services

Aymaan Refrigeration Traders has a wide number of services for its clients. The majority of the services are related to air conditioner repairing or assembling.

Get some precise ideas about the services below.

Air conditioner servicing

Under this service category, the experts of Aymaan Refrigeration Traders service air conditioners. The employees and engineers are able to provide service for different types of air conditioners. But most of the cases, they provide service to air conditioners like split type and window type. However, they are capable of undertaking both small and large-scale air conditioner servicing jobs.

Air conditioner installation

The installation process of an air conditioner takes time. It also needs proper skills and attention. Most importantly, it takes experience to install an air conditioner. And Aymaan Refrigeration Traders has all the essential elements. The experts of the company can install an air conditioner at any place. And they care for their job as well. The owner of the company directly supervises all the installation process. So, there are no compromise with the quality issues.

Air conditioner supply

If you need an air conditioner, Aymaan Refrigeration Traders can also do that. Being a famous company in the industry, it can serve with different types of such cooling devices. No matter what you need, you have to name the device. The experts will supply the right types and designs to meet your needs.

Chiller supply

Or, if you are in need of a chiller, you can have that from Aymaan Refrigeration Traders as well. Being interconnected with diversified suppliers, it can supply the right one for your needs. At the same time, you can place your budget, requirements and other aspects. Aymaan Refrigeration Traders will try to make a combination of all your desires.

Cold storage installation

Another impressive factor is the installation of cold storage. In fact, this is a heavy-duty task. Installing cold storage is really a big deal. You need to care and consider a good number of aspects. The experts of this company can estimate all the needs. Accordingly, they take measures to make all the things happen. Finally, you get your cold storage installed.

Cold storage servicing

Or, if you need to have your cold storage serviced, Aymaan Refrigeration Traders can do that too. As the company has long been working in the industry, it can provide a smooth service. The experts from the company will analyze your needs. Then, they will decide about the way of servicing (of course, after your consent). Finally, you will get a smooth service from your cold storage. The items stored in the cold storage will remain fresh. And they will look good too.

Cold Storage supplying

When you need a cold storage and cannot decide, Aymaan Refrigeration Traders will do that for you. Supplying a cold storage needs numbers of issues to consider. The first thing is the needs of the clients. Cold storage experts of Aymaan Refrigeration Traders assess the needs. They make a detailed plan. And they combine the needs with the plan. You may need to cover a specific area. Or there might be a need of different cooling conditions. Matching all the factors together, you get a complete plan of action. And at the end, you can have the best cold storage.

Compressor supplying

Besides, you can also get different types of compressors at Aymaan Refrigeration Traders. Amid the diversified collection, you can select the right one for your needs.  Not to worry about the price range. They are reasonable.

Compressor overhauling

When you have issues with your existing compressor, it may need an overhauling. And Aymaan Refrigeration Traders can do that effectively. Usually, it takes time to perform the job. Because of its complex nature, there are many other issues associated. But once they are in the right hand, they could be fixed. And the same things happen at Aymaan Refrigeration Traders. We have bunch of experts. They can overhaul the compressors smoothly.

Air drier repairing

A smooth repairing increases the longevity of the air driers. And Aymaan Refrigeration Traders has the resources to repair air driers. You can try this particular service and enjoy the facilities of your air driers for years.