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Aymaan Refrigeration Traders is one of the leading company that manufactures, repairs, imports and assembles all types of freezing appliances.

Among the diversified activities, the most notable ones include air conditioner, chiller, cold storage, ice plant, air dryer, ice cream plant, humidifier, dehumidifier manufacturing, importing, repairing and assembling.

The journey of the organization began in the early 2019.

Before the solo initiation, Aymaan Refrigeration Traders was the part of a large corporation that began journey right after the independence. With the change of time, the company has started its journey.

Major service areas of Aymaan Refrigeration Traders

Aymaan Refrigeration Traders mostly deals with air conditioning systems. Now, the company provides services in the following areas.

  • Air conditioner servicing, 
  • Air conditioner installation, 
  • Air conditioner supply, 
  • Chiller supply, 
  • Cold storage installation,
  • Cold storage servicing  
  • Cold Storage supplying 
  • Compressors (all types) supplying 
  • Compressor overhauling, 
  • Air drier repairing  

Alongside the aforesaid areas, Aymaan Refrigeration Traders also provides solutions for different types of air conditioning.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is another important sector for Aymaan Refrigeration Traders. The company is skilled in supplying, repairing and installing HVAC.

Moreover, Aymaan Refrigeration Traders can provide solution for humidifier and dehumidifier. Ducting for large, middle-scale and small-scale industries is another sector. Skilled engineers and working hands provide the right solution in ducting.

Moreover, Aymaan Refrigeration Traders provides solution in mapping air conditioning design. It supervises the overall installation process.

Aymaan Refrigeration Traders also works a consultant for numbers of large corporations. The company has gained a moderate reputation in the industry within a short time after inception.

Simultaneously, the company has a close interaction with different conglomerates. They seek support from Aymaan Refrigeration Traders for their HVAC and other related issues.

Notable clients

  • Uttara Group
  • Renata Agro Industries Ltd
  • Renata Ltd
  • Bengal Meat and Processing Industry Limited
  • Bengal Plastic
  • Plasticon 
  • Standard Group
  • Padma Cans & Closures Ltd
  • South China Bleaching & Dyeing Company Ltd
  • Goldtex Ltd.
  • Square Pharmaceuticals 
  • Beximco Textiles
  • Aristopharma
  • Black Tiger and Beverage
  • Pran Cola